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Most homeowners pay very little attention to the way they consume electric power. To be sure, no one’s happy at the end of the month when the electric utility bill rolls in and it sets a new record for cost, but not very many people actually respond with concrete steps to rein in those expenses in the future. To that end, we put together a guide here that should help you understand how energy usage can get out of hand and how you can easily lower its impact on your budget and the environment.

First of all, we live in a world that is increasingly full of electric devices. Our TVs are far larger than the used to be, and while flat panels are much more energy-efficient than they used to be, a lot of that is offset by the fact that we’re trying to power 70 inch TVs whereas 13 or even 17 inches used to be the norm! The average kitchen now has 12 functioning devices that use electric versus under three just 30 years ago. That’s nearly 4 times the expense and with just one room of the house.

Cleaning a HVAC UnitHow much effort do you put into making sure the light switches are off, or that all of these devices are turned off when not in use? Even better, how rigorously do you go around pulling the plug on each of these devices when you don’t expect to use them for a while? These things can not only lower your expenses dramatically, but they can make you a much better steward of the environment as well. We all understand that smog and pollution is becoming a problem in our world, but it’s natural for most of us to assume that our particular contribution to that problem is small. And in some ways, that’s true. But should that be an excuse to not do better?

And here’s a step that could save you big money. Consider having your HVAC in Myrtle Beach serviced regularly by a local firm. I know, I know, most of us will just run our equipment until it breaks down. But if you’ve ever done that, you’ll understand that it’s incredibly expensive to repair, not to mention that happens at the worst possible times because extreme heat or cold generally stresses poorly optimize units to the breaking point.

So for a fraction of that expense, you can have someone professional come in once or twice a year and thoroughly service the unit itself and examine all of the ductwork that runs through your house for any kind of blockage that would use unnecessary energy.

We got your attention? Good! Most people are unaware that equipment like this even benefits from preventive maintenance, so we’ve done our duty if we can just convince you that this one regular expense will pay off over the long haul.

You probably didn’t know that equipment such as this runs with much less energy efficiency when it’s dirty or not maintained, but it’s true.