A Closer Look at the East & South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce

The East and South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce is an organization in Des Moines, Iowa, that aims to connect with local businesses to improve economic results. So, if you happen to have a business in the area of the city that they deal with, then you can make worse choices than becoming one of their members.


The Advantages of Signing Up with Them

There are a number of benefits that you will get when you make the decision to sign up to East and South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce.

For example, your business will be listed in their own directory as well as regional directories. Your business will also be listed on their website as well as regional sites. If this wasn’t enough, they will also refer people to your business. All of this will obviously mean that more people will find out about your business, meaning that there is a greater chance that more people will walk through your doors to do business with you.

As a member, you will also be invited to lunches and dinners that the East and South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce set up regularly. You will also be invited to promote your business at the events that they organize. Furthermore, you will get regular newsletters so that you can keep up to date with everything that is happening and will happen in the future.

They love to treat their members, so if you happen to be a golf fan you will be happy to hear that they hold an annual golf day so that all of their members can relax and unwind.


Is Membership Expensive Though?

Membership for such organizations is usually expensive, but we think you will be happy with the prices that the East and South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce charges business owners who want to become members.

Number of Employees

Cost ($)

1 to 4


5 to 10


11 to 30


31 to 70


71 to 100


More than 100



As you can see, the price that they charge businesses depends entirely on how many full-time workers they have working for them. In the case of part-time workers, two part-timers will be considered as one full-time worker.

Non-profit organizations will be charged $225, no matter how many full-time workers they have. If you have multiple business locations, then they will allow you to add up all of your employees and then pay for just one membership (unless you want to pay for each locality separately).

If you are after even more value, then you can pay an additional $300 for Golden Circle sponsorships. If you opt to pay this additional $300, then your business logo will be added to the homepage of their site, to their directory, as well as being showcased at every event that they organize. Now, if you ask us, this is what we call value for money.

Please note that the membership is something that has to be renewed each year.