The EDM Chambers is Helping to Increase Cricket’s Popularity in Iowa

It is safe to say that cricket isn’t exactly one of the most popular sports in the United States, but in some states (particularly those with many immigrants from Asia), cricket is growing in popularity. One such state is Iowa, where there is even a cricket league that is becoming more and more popular with each passing year.


The Iowa Premier League

This cricket league was formed in 2014 with the main vision of promoting cricket in the state as well as give those who love to play cricket the chance to do so. The league was formed by a group of friends who immigrated to Iowa from India in 2012. They would often play cricket in their homeland, so that was something that they missed a lot when they moved to the United States. They, by the way, create a site to prive tips about cricket betting online.

The league has become extremely popular and there are now twenty teams that compete in it each year. They hope that the number will continue to increase as more teams means more games and more games means more hours of fun playing cricket.

The teams play against each other in a shortened version of cricket, with matches lasting around three to four hours. A typical cricket game has the ability to last a whole day, but the founders believe shortened matches makes the tournament more accessible to spectators and players.

If you play cricket yourself, head on over to one of the many clubs in Iowa and they will be more than happy to accept you as they are always looking for new players to add to their team. If you have never played cricket, but would like to learn how, they will also be more than happy to show you the ropes. At the end of the day, their main aim is to increase the amount of people playing cricket in Iowa.


The Sponsors of the Premier League

The mastermind behind the East and South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce, it just so happens, is a huge cricket fan. This is because his father was British and was an avid cricket fan himself. In fact, he took his son to England once to watch a couple of cricket World Cup matches, and he became hooked on it ever since.

Therefore, it will come as no surprise to hear that the organization is the main sponsor of the Iowa Premier League. The owner of the company is also highly interested in increasing the popularity of cricket in Iowa, so he uses his business to increase awareness for the tournament. It seems to be working because, as was mentioned above, there are now twenty teams that compete in this league.

He also uses some of his immense wealth to improve the facilities that are available to cricketers across the state of Iowa.