The East & South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce Saved This Casino

It is no secret that the people of Iowa love to gamble. In fact, to give you an idea as to how popular gambling is in this state, there are no fewer than twenty land-based casinos across the state, meaning that competition is fierce. One casino found this out for themselves, but they were saved due to the fact that they signed up with the East and South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce.


A Bit of Background Information

Ames City Casino opened up in 2015 and, like with all new businesses, business was fantastic for the first few months. They had hundreds of people walking through their doors every night and they were raking in a lot of money. Those who visited left positive reviews and declared that they would be coming back regularly.

However, for some reason unknown, the number of customers started to dwindle and come the beginning of the third month, they were lucky if two hundred people walked through their doors every week, let along every night. This statistic was given by the free slots usa website.

The owners had no idea what had happened, and they were thinking about calling it a day and shutting the casino down, but then they heard about the East and South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce. A friend of one of the owners told them that exactly the same had happened with his business, but, as a last throw of the dice, he decided to become a member of this organization.

Now, his business is booming and doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. The casino owners were intrigued with this and since they had nothing to lose, they decided to get in touch with the organization.


What the Organization Promised Them

They were more than happy to help and assured them that they had helped many businesses get back on their feet. They said that the issue was that many people had just forgotten about them and that the key to improving business was to simply improve awareness, which is something that they could do with no problems at all. In fact, it is something that they specialize in.

They would do this by listing the casino in their directory as well as all the regional ones as well. They also said that they would advertise the casino on their site as well as ask many regional sites to do the same. General list of online casinos you may find here: There would be so much advertisement about that people would start to remember them again.

The owners liked what they heard, so they paid for a membership(even in bitcoins) They also paid the extra $300 for the Golden Circle sponsorship so that they got even more exposure. They also promised to help to start their activity in ZA.

The Results Have Been Nothing Short of Astonishing

A few months after they joined the East and South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce, not a lot had changed customer wise. However, they were patient as their friend told them that it had taken a few months before business had picked up at his company.

The third month after they joined, the casino saw more people walk through their doors in that month than they had seen in the last three months combined. In the fourth month, they had more clients than they saw in the third, and the fifth month saw even more clients than the fourth.

It has now been 8 months since they joined, and business is still booming. They have had to get more staff members in so that they can cope with how many visitors they are getting. It is safe to say that they never expected such an improvement, but that they are really glad that they made the decision to join the East and South Des Moines Chambers of Commerce.